Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Monday 9th April 2001


It's scarey to think that the marathon is under two weeks away.

The dominant thing in my training since my last newsletter has been that for about three weeks I've had a bad cold, which I'm only just over - well, I still have the snuffles. This has really badly effected my training.

I didn't run in the Fila Breakfast Run on April 1st in Kingston because of my cold - this was supposed to be my main preparation run. Since all of the other races I could have done were cancelled, I have not run in one marathon preparation race.

After a few weeks of misery, I ran out last Saturday 7th April, and tried to put in a long one - I set off not knowing how I would do though. I felt tired after four miles, and so was worried, but then at 7 miles I realised that I was eight minute miling, which is rather faster than I should be running on a long one. I finished the usual 14 mile run, and continued on for another four miles, and would have carried on had it not been for the pain in my hip coming back. I think that running about 18 miles in 2 hours 30 minutes means that I have a good chance of a 4 hour marathon, as long as my hip doesn't cause me pain - it could well pull me up again.

Sponsorship is not going as well as last year, which is what I expected. However, people have been very generous, and I think that I'll finish the collection very pleased.

Next week, probably on Tuesday evening, I'll be dying my hair red, and then I'm planning to run in a red livery. It depends on the weather on the day to some degree. I hope to put some pictures of my running livery up on the internet before the big day, so you can see me in 2001 marathon gear!

I'm currently feeling much better about the marathon than I did at this time last year - for that I'm very thankful!

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