Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Wednesday 18th April 2001

Final preparations - four days to go

I am a lot more hopeful of being able to run the London Marathon properly this year compared to last. I went out for a run last Friday, and stopped after nine miles tired and with a niggling hip, but what ever state I'm in physically, there is nothing much I can do now to aid my performance, and apart from running a couple of miles to boost my confidence, I'm resting up.

My main concern is that my left hip will become so painful that I will have to stop. I have not been able to run any further than 18 miles in training due to this problem. I am trying to perform stretches to aid my hip, and I'll smother it in Ibuprofen gel before the event. On my last two long runs I also felt a small niggle in my right leg calf muscle, and I'm trying to stretch it three or four times a day.

Currently, the weather forecast is cold with light rain for Sunday (from the BBC and the Met. Office). The worst case would be heavy rain, so I suppose I can be half satisfied if this forecast is accurate. I'd prefer a moderate temperature and bright.

I am probably going to register for the marathon at the London Arena on Saturday, to receive my number to put on my vest and the "chip" which I have to attach to my shoe so that my time is taken at various points throughout the event. I'll be attending the National Schizophrenia Fellowship pasta party on Saturday evening.

This year, I've changed my hair to a red colour for the marathon. My cold weather running livery can be seen below. If it's warmer, I expect that I'll wear the NSF vest and red or black shorts.

Many thanks for your support. Wish me luck!

Action Shot

Portrait for the Gallery

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