Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Wednesday 8th November 2000

My first six months of progress since the London Marathon 2000

Between January to April 2000, I suffered from shin splints and ligament problems caused by over training for the London Marathon 2000. After the marathon in April, I attempted to continue to run only small distances, but I found the experience so painful that in May I decided that I just had to have a complete break from running for some months to allow my injuries to heal.

During April and May 2000 I built the web site to support my London Marathon 2001 attempt, with the emphasis being on speed, compatibility and ease of use - I kept it simple.

Having completed some short runs, I decided to rest during the months of June and July because I realised that my injuries were still present, and I started to think about running again during August. This was a difficult exercise, and it was clear that I needed to introduce my body to running again gradually.

I also decided to visit a physiotherapist because my injuries seemed to be taking so long to heal. My main problem was diagnosed as pulled calf muscles in both legs, and she gave me some exercises to do three times a day, told me to get my calf muscles massaged, and gave me some shoe "wedges" to help with my over pronating feet. I must say, I thought that massage was supposed to be relaxing, but having a damaged calf muscle massaged is one of the most painful things I've ever experienced.

During September, the runs became more regular and further, and I was starting to accomplish 3 to 5 miles distance runs, but my legs still felt tender from both the pulled calf muscles and shin splints. After a hard run, it seemed that my legs would not allow me to run for another three or four days, and so only two runs a week could be accomplished.

In the first half of October, I tried to stabilise my running, by training with the running club for one night a week, and accomplishing a run on my own of between four and six miles on another night in the week.

Although I am concerned as to whether I will be able to ramp my distances up in training to a level where I can run a marathon next April, I am still pleased that after six months of injury I can at last run regularly. I am hoping that in the coming months I can gradually increase my distance in training so that I can run a ten miles distance by January.

My web site has been fully functional since May, and it has been submitted to internet search engines. I am hoping to use the internet web site more effectively this year. I am trying to promote my marathon attempt by getting people to sponsor me in exchange for my time in giving them computer support. I am hoping to achieve more sponsorship from local companies this year.

After all of this effort, I have not one sponsor yet, so I am writing this newsletter to myself, but I hope that it will be all worthwhile in the end!

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