Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Tuesday 20th March 2001

A hip pain

Well, the running has been going well.

I started the month with a 14 mile maximum running distance. On Sunday 11th March I ran the London Marathon training run in Kingston, organised by the Runners World magazine, and a distance of 16 miles. I ran with the eight and a half minute pace group, and stayed with them until the last two miles, when I had to drop back.

I ran in the "Jimmy James Handicap" last Thursday night, which is a handicapped race with four heats taking place between October and March, and then in the final all runners are handicapped by their best performance in the heats.

I thought that I might be in with a chance of winning, because I know that my fitness has been massively improving in the run up to the marathon. Anyway, I think that I paced the five miles really well - I surprised myself that I could keep going to the end - and I won the race. It's one of a very few sports events I've ever won, so I'm very pleased to have won it.

Last night, I decided to try to run twenty miles, taking the form of two laps of my ten mile training run. I paced myself fairly accurately at nine minutes per mile for the first sixteen miles, but by that time I'd had a nagging pain in my left hip for three miles, and I decided to stop. I hope that I can continue on with my running on Thursday, but today I've been hobbling around I'm afraid, with a pain in my left hip and knee.

I'm still very hopeful to be fit, well and uninjured on the day of the marathon.

My sponsorship total has improved a bit in the last month, but I'm hoping that it will still improve a lot in the coming weeks.

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