Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Monday 3rd March 2003

Not sure

In the last month I've increased my running distance by 1 mile per week, and I can now run 11 miles without having to stop. I am feeling a tightness in my hip from 8 miles onwards, but it seems that this can be extended by just running slower. The above was acheived by running 8.5 minute miles, so I'm hoping that by running 9 minute miles or slower, I'll be able to run a longer distance.

It's frightening to think that the London Marathon is now less than 6 weeks away, and I'm only just running 11 miles. It feels like my training schedule from now on should be something like this ...

Date                Training runs (miles)
6th March 12
9th March 12
13th March 13
16th March 14
20th March Short run
23rd March 13.1 - Gatwick half
27th March 16
30th March Short run
3rd April 16
6th April 10
10th April Short run may be
13th April Marathon day

I really don't know whether I can stay to this punishing schedule, or whether my legs can. If I come out the other side in one piece, then I think that I'll run the marathon, but the problem is that even if I can run 16 miles, which in a big 'if', then I'll still have to some how get through those last 10 miles, and I'm sure that I'll be stopping at some point. I don't particularly fancy walking the last five or ten last miles in pain, doing myself lasting damage (like the last two years).

I have some ways in which to cope with this. First of all, if I can possibly run 16 miles, then by stopping to stretch every mile or half mile, I'm sure that will extend my running distance. There is also the question over whether I should run/walk the marathon - that is, walk five minutes, then run five minutes, alternating to the end, or possibly run two miles walk a mile.

One problem I have with walking any sort of distance in the marathon is that my hip feels tighter after walking three miles compared to running six miles, the reason being possibly to do with blood flow.

I see in my last news letter that I was hoping for a 4 hour or 4 hour 30 minutes marathon. Right now I think I'll be lucky finishing in the five to six hour margin.

I've stopped going to yoga, but I'm seeing a physiotherapist once a week, as well as having a half an hour stretching session each day I don't run on, and I think that this is really helping.

I'm not sure if I'll run the marathon, but I'll run the Gatwick Half Marathon on March 23rd, and that is my first target. May be this race will be my downfall, but may be it will give me confidence. The confidence to see it through.

A big thank you for reading this far and considering to sponsor me.

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