Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Monday 3rd March 2008

Up to 15

In my last report I'd managed to run 11.5 miles on Sunday 17th February. On Sunday 24th February I managed to run a slower 13.6 miles, and yesterday, Sunday 2nd March, I managed to run 15 miles. I tried to run this at a pace of 8:30 minutes a mile, which is what I'm considering on the big day. Although my route did involve hills I managed to stick to this pace up until about 13 or 14 miles, when my legs felt very fatigued, and I don't think that I could go much further.

In the last week I've only run about 30 miles, and on last Tuesday night I had a very tight right calf muscle, and I ended up walking in at the end of the run. I'm sure that this happened because my body had not got over the effects of my Sunday run. I hoping to be a bit more careful tomorrow night.

Sponsorship is so far slow this year, but I'm really hoping to achieve my target. I'll start pushing for sponsorship from friends, relatives and colleagues shortly.

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