Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Tuesday 3rd April 2007

Under three weeks now and okay

Over the last four weeks, when I should have been putting in my long runs, I managed to run distances as follows ...

Sunday 11th March 16 miles
Sunday 18th March 20.5 miles
Sunday 25th March 15 miles
Sunday 1st April 16 miles

On Sunday 25th March I ran the Cranleigh 15 and 21, with the thought of trying to run the 21 mile race this year at 7 minutes 20 seconds per mile, just to see if I could do this. I went off too quickly (as usual), and after three miles I had to slow down the pace, as I was too far ahead of my intended pace. I went through the half marathon point in 1 hour 36 minutes exactly, which puts me right on my intended pace, but at the time I was fairly tired, and thought that there would be no way that I could run on at that pace for too far. With 15 miles approaching, we were running up a hill, and I felt my right calf tighten. I set off for about 10 seconds on the extra loop to run the 21 mile race, but I could still feel my calf, so I thought better of it and finished the 15 mile race. I don't know what my time was, but this doesn't matter anyway, because I'm pretty sure I know the sort of pace I was doing.

After Cranleigh, last week, I managed to do a good running session on Tuesday evening, but apart from that I could feel pains and niggles in various parts of my legs I won't bore you with, but I managed to run a slow 5 miles on Friday, and then I ran 16 miles with the Reigate Priory AC people on Sunday, which has really boosted my confidence. I finished the run without problems, so I'm rather hopeful now this year of beating my PB and hopefully 3:30 too. Time will tell. Unfortunately during the run on Sunday I fell over, and cut my right knee, but I just carried on, and it didn't seem to effect my running at all.

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