Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Sunday 5th October 2003

Mixed news

I've been trying to run ten miles or over each Sunday, and then doing a further 2 or 3 training sessions during the week.

During the last two or three months, I have had problems keeping up my running work rate, because I have had worries about starting with shin splint problems and achilles tendon problems, have felt rather slow and fatigued, probably from medication, and in the last nine days have had a cold. I have probably been standing still or even getting worse fitness wise.

On a plus side, I've managed to do the Great North Run on 21st September, although I did it very slowly, run-walking it with my friend Dren. I'm going to run the Great South Run next weekend, and although I don't expect to run it too well, hopefully I'm be able to finish it in about 1 hour 25 minutes or the like.

I'm still concerned about injury. I do get sharp pains in my shins occasionally, as well as tight achilles, stiffness in my legs, back and neck, pains in my hamstrings, etc. Okay, so I might be a hypocondriac, but it all seems real to me! I've got to try to balance running and rest I think, which is a bit frustrating, but I think a reality if I want to continue with my running.

I have not been doing daily stretches for months - really since the last marathon. I think that these did me a lot of good, and definately made me a lot more supple - I can't even touch my toes now. I hope to start doing this now, but it's all a matter of finding the routine and the time to do it.

We're now at the time where I damaged myself last year. Hopefully I won't do the same this year. I damaged my piriformis muscle on a hard run. Hence the need for stretching and regular physiotherapy sessions (once every two weeks on average).

During September I have been selling old computer equipment scrapped from my employer on ebay, with all funds going towards my collection for the MS Trust. I have collected about 900, which is far in excess of what what I thought I'd obtain, and I'm very pleased. If I do not obtain a ballot place in the marathon, then by December I should have the 1,000 needed for a place by the MS Trust, so hopefully they'll have me!

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