Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Wednesday 7th March 2007

Problem with my left hamstring - but feeling good

Since the Wokingham Half, I have been getting faster and fitter, certainly over the speed sessions which I do on a Tuesday and Thursday. I've settled into the routine of just running three times a week - two speed sessions, and then a long run on a Sunday. Having said that, for the last three Sundays (since Wokingham), I have just run 14 miles each Sunday, and it's now really important to push out the long run on a Sunday, so my intention is to run 16 or 17 miles this Sunday.

I went down to the running track last night, and ran for about 2 miles around the track before the session started. After doing this, I did some stretches, and during this stretching I felt a problem with my left hamstring muscle. I still completed the session, and I think I ran well. However, I felt my hamstring a bit after the session, and I can definately feel it today - straight from getting out of bed. There is definately something there, but I suspect that it's a small muscle pull. I suspect that I'll miss Thursday's session and if I can do a 5 mile gentle run on Friday, so that I have rested my leg to give me the best opportunity of completing the long run on Sunday.

Apart from this small problem with my hamstring, I think that I have never been so fit and uninjured at this period of marathon training. I weighed in this morning at 9 stone 5 pounds, so am over a stone lighter from my weight at Christmas. I hope that this level of fitness can be maintained up until the big day.

My collection for the Arthritis Research Campaign is going well, and I now have neigh on two thirds of my target - I have almost collected 1,000.

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