Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Monday 10th June 2002

My final message

Jogging across Tower Bridge

Limping in towards the end

Sprinting in at the end

Apologies for the lateness of this newsletter. I have been waiting for the official photographs from Action Photo, and they only arrived yesterday. You can see them above.

My certificate informs me that my overall finishing position was 32611 out of 32889. It's a sobering thought to think that there were only 278 people behind me out of 32889 people.

The collection has gone particularly well this year, and I have managed to collect 2,900, with thanks to everybody who has sponsored me, bought my expertise, and bought the second hand computer parts that I have been selling. I've now sent the money to the NSF, and they have banked my cheques, so I can now relax in the knowledge that it's over for another year.

I have not heard from the NSF fund raisers since the London Marathon. They have not contacted me to find out how I got on, or to thank me for collecting such a large sum. To be frank, I think that they have done an appauling job this year, and as such I have decided to collect for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre next year. I still feel that the National Schizophrenia Fellowship (or Rethink as they will soon be called) is a good charity and worth funding, but I do not want to justify the wages of some incompetant fund raisers. The website for next year is now available at

I feel that my right hip is on the mend, but my right knee refuses to heal, and I can still only run just five miles on it before having to pull up. I have now stopped running, and intend to go to a specialist sports physiotherapist soon. I'm looking forward to the Great South Run and Great North Run this year, and the London Marathon next year, so I hope to be back into training in the coming months.

Thank you again for sponsoring me, and I hope that we will be in touch again soon.

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