Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Saturday 11th January 2003

It's looking doubtful

I heard in December that I have got a ballot place in the London Marathon 2003, which is great, because it means that I don't have to rely on a "Gold Bond" place bought by the charity from the London Marathon Ltd. The Gold Bond places cost the charities 300 (250 + VAT - at least last year) each, and therefore are a large hidden cost to anyone running for a charity. Fortunately this year I've saved my charity this cost by luckily obtaining my own place.

Since my last newsletter I had been building up my fitness, running two times a week with the Reigate Priory AC. Unfortunately on a training run late in November around a hilly circuit on Reigate Hill, I was just finishing the training run strongly when I felt a pain from my left hip.

I didn't think much of it at the time, but it's clear damage has been sustained. Over the Christmas break I have tried some longer runs, and I cannot currently run over a distance of 5 miles before the pain in my hip kicks in.

I am trying my best to recover. I am seeing a physiotherapist each week, attending yoga classes (to keep stretched and become more supple) and I'm regularly having extended stretching sessions when I can. I think I should stretch out at least once a day, but I can't find the time really - or remember for that matter.

This pain in my left hip is compounded by a nagging doubt that the injuries sustained from the last marathon in my right hip and knee are not fully recovered, and I also often feel tight in my ankles and knees.

With about 11 weeks to go to the marathon for me to not only recover from injury, but also to train, seems rather doubtful, but for the time being I want to not discount running.

My fund has risen a small amount in the last two or three months. If you look on Justgiving my fund has remained static, but I have got funds received through other means.

I have continued to sell computer equipment on the internet, which although does not bring in a lot of money, means that I have at least been obtaining something. I am probably diverting the charity funds which are in my bank account to support "The Blackborough Club", which is our local Rethink drop-in centre, which I consider to be an excellent charity to support, as well as the MSRC or course.

Therefore if you have not donated yet and wish to do so, then if you donate on-line, then your funds will definately go to the MSRC, but if you send me the funds, then it will go to The Blackborough Club.

A big thank you for reading this far and considering to sponsor me.

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