Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Friday 13th December 2001

First 1,000 acheived, and a personal best

My training has been going well, but I don't feel that my running is improving. I think that it has got as good as it can with the amount of running I am currently doing, which is up to 25 miles a week.

I will have to increase the mileage from now on, because my current long run of the week is just 10 miles, and I want to be up to at least 14 miles by late February / early March.

It is of great importance however that I keep away from injury. I'm still trying to make sure that I'm stretching properly before and after runs, and I've kept the milage low up until now. When I went for a ten mile run two weeks ago, I had a rather unpleasant feeling from my left knee cap in the last mile which stayed with me for the week, so I will have to approach the coming months with caution.

I finished the Brighton 10K in November and achieved a personal best time of 41 minutes 53 seconds, which beats my previous time by 1 minute, which I am very pleased about. My next target is my 10 mile personal best, which I hope to beat in early January at the Tadworth 10 - a hilly course, but it's where my previous best was set.

I did not get a London Marathon 2002 place in the ballot, which means that I have to rely on a Gold Bond place for entry to the marathon (a place paid for by the charity). The NSF organiser has promised me a place, so I know that I will be taking part.

I have now sent a cheque to the NSF for my first 1,000 of the 2002 campaign fund. I am hoping to collect at least in access of 2,000, and the fund currently stands at 1,300. This is brilliant, and done all thanks to the selling of obselete computer hardware on the internet and generous people paying for my help with their computers.

From now I know the time to the marathon passes by quickly, and I'll have to up the training. I've had a set back in the last week - a short but heavy cold. I hope that the cold will now clear out of the way and allow me to get back to my training.

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