Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Sunday 15th March 2009

Sorta on track

I'm running my long runs on the road on a Sunday, and we're now up to 17 miles with 7 weeks to go. As I run to the start of the Sunday run from home and return again afterwards, I've run more like 18.5 miles today.

I've got a few problems. My knees were hurting after 17 miles today, and my right hip has given me a bit of jip. However, my main problem is my left foot, or to be more accurate my big toes, which don't bend very much, and can't bend downwards much at all. My left big toe is the worst one, and I get small but sharp pain from that area after running at speed. I hope that I don't have to stop the speed work, as I enjoy running at pace around the running track on a Tuesday.

Last week I got the long run in on the Sunday, and I ran quite well down the track on Tuesday, but after 3 miles on Wednesday, I decided to turn back for home with fatigued legs and a hurting left foot. I didn't run from that point until Sunday. I hope that I can improve on that this week!

The collection of money is still going rather slowly, but I'm hopeful that this will increase.

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