Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Friday 15th December 2006

I'm in again!

In October I ran the Great North Run (half marathon) on Sunday 1st October in a time of 1:40:25, although I had to stop to go to the loo in the first couple of miles, so I think that the lesson to learn is not to stand in line drinking water for one and a half hours before the race. If I run it next year, I think that I'll start at the back of my zone and make sure I've gone to the loo before the event.

I ran the Great South Run (10 miles) on Sunday 22nd October in a time of 1:12:59. It was a rather wet day, but that did not really effect me. The race is now set off in three waves, and I fortunately was in the first wave. We set off at 10:30AM, and as we did so, the heavens opened, pouring down on the poor runners waiting to run behind us. It was rainy during the event, but once I'd finished the family and I made a quick exit from Portsmouth, and it started pouring down again. (On the day before, Sarah ran the mile race, and Lizzie and Sam ran in the Junior race, so it was a fun family weekend.)

On Sunday 29th October I ran in the Barnes Green Half Marathon, which is a rather hilly event, and I finished in a time of 1:37:05, which given the circumstances of feeling rather unfit at the moment, I am very pleased with. I ran for most of the event with a member of my running club. He caught me up after 5 miles, and we ran the next 7 miles together. I couldn't have run so hard without him, and I think that race took a lot out of us both. My legs felt tired all of Sunday and Monday.

On Monday I found out that I was not successful in the ballot this year for a London Marathon place. I'd been waiting over a week to find out, and the rejection letter and fleece had been put on a window sill by the postie, and they had dropped off behind something, so I don't know exactly when the letter arrived, but at least I eventually found it!

I immediately wrote to the Arthritis Research Campaign to see if they would take me as a Gold Bond place competitor for the marathon, and they have informed me today that they will, which is EXCELLENT news!

Now all I have to do is to collect over 1,000 for them, which will be no mean feat. I'm hoping to sell lots of possessions to raise money and am preparing for a fundraising campaign, but if you're reading this, please please go to and dig deep towards a very worthwhile cause.

Best wishes,


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