Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Saturday 16th April 2005

Niggley but looking forward to it

I've basically recovered from the cold that I caught 9 days ago. I've done a couple of gentle 3 mile runs in the last week, as well as a couple of 1 mile warm-up runs followed by stretching.

This week, my body has felt rather niggley, with a sore lower back, tired left piriformis, pains in the knees and small sharp pains in the feet. I'm sure that it's just last minute nerves.

Sarah, my wife, very kindly registered at ExCeL in London for me yesterday, so that I could rest my legs.

I'm (obviously) eating more than usual today. I've had a bowl of porridge for breakfast, and will have a large pasta tea tonight.

I'm still very unsure about my level of fitness and whether my body will get me around the course.

I've now surpassed my collection target of 1,500 for the Athritis Research Campaign, which I'm very pleased with.

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