Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Monday 16th June 2003

I can run 10 again

In early May I set off to run ten miles on a Sunday morning. I found that I developed a pain in either my upper hamstring or my piriformis in my right leg - I'm not sure which. I'm not sure if this injury was obtained before or during the London Marathon. The problem hit me after just four miles, and I managed to turn for home and finished after five miles, but I couldn't have gone much further.

I therefore decided that I would concentrate on shorter distance training down the running track on a Tuesday and Thursday, but not to do the longer distances.

I found that my fitness was very pour on the track, which I think was also partially an inexperience problem too - I had not done track running for months. I am now finding my feet with the track running, and I do feel that I am progressing.

On Sunday 8th June I decided at last minute to take part in the Dorking 10, which is an undulating run around the Brockham district near Dorking, Surrey, and is the Reigate Priory AC club championship race over this distance. I was doing 8 minute miles for the first five or so miles, but after this I found that my right hip hurt again, and I slowed up and stopped to stretch three times. Although I tried to put in a fast last mile, I finished in 89 minutes.

In the last week I've felt much better about my running. Yesterday I set off to run ten miles again. I decided to run slowly, and to concentrate on just getting around. It was slow progress, running in sweltering heat. I took a bottle of water with me, but judging by the colour of my urine afterwards I did get a bit dehydrated.

The good news is that I finished the run strongly, and I finished in just under 89 minutes, therefore beating my Dorking 10 time, without having to stop. I am very pleased with this result.

I now intend to stretch daily, see a physio every week or so, so to try to stave off injury, and to build steadily on my fitness.

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