Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Sunday 19th April 2009

Ready for it

After running 14 miles last Sunday, I ran for about 5 miles on Tuesday, about 8 miles on Thursday, a very gentle 5Km yesterday and about 6 miles today. The marathon is next Sunday, so I'll be doing very little this week - probably just a few miles on Tuesday.

I have completed every long training run properly every week in the run up to the marathon, which is a real first for me. I've also completed my longest training runs I've ever done too - running up to 21 miles. I have been consistently running one speed session each week, so I hope that I'll have kept some of my pace this year so I might take part in shorter events after the marathon.

I have a few niggles - when I ran 21 miles, I had small pains in my calf muscles, I have had twinges in my knees, and I have a tightness below my right knee cap which feels worse when I go to bed. My feet often feel pains, mainly due to inflexible big toes. However, there are no injuries, and no reasons as to why I shouldn't expect to finish the distance. Excellent!

The weather on marathon day could be anything. There are two forecasts I've found at the moment: one says that it'll be 10 degrees, and the other says 19 degrees. I'd obviously prefer the former, and if it's the latter, well, my race strategy might have to alter somewhat.

My strategy is to start 8 minute miling and sustain it for as long as I can - simple as that. Not sure if I can even gauge what 8 minute mile pace is, but I'll use my watch and try to get it right.

I'm going to collect my number from the London Marathon Exhibition on Wednesday afternoon. I'm feeling pretty exhausted at the moment, but I'm hoping for a week where I can get more rested, and try to sleep well next Friday and Saturday nights, ready for the big day. I'll also try to each some good pasta meals before the event.

The charity collection is still rather slow. Hopefully it'll pick up in the next week or so.

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