Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Monday 19th July 2004

So far so good

I still have not sent the sponsorship money to the MS Trust, as I'm still expecting another donation to the cause. I intend to have this all finished with before the end of the month.

I have not been running as often as I'd like. I really want to try to run three times a week. However, for the last three weeks, I've managed to put a long run of 10 miles each week, and I've done some training with Reigate Priory AC too. I feel that progress is being made in terms of my fitness - slowly and steadily.

A couple of weeks back I ran 10 miles in 79 minutes in training, which also included some pauses for crossing roads, so I hope that this is an indication that I am speeding up over this distance. I definately want to be running 10 miles in a sub-75 minute time soon.

I have had a few scares over injury in the last month or so, which seems more related to sprinting, so I'm going to be very careful over sprint training in future, and not over do it. I can feel the start of achilles problems on my right ankle too, so I am having ultrasound applied once a week to keep that problem at bay. Yesterday, for the last four miles of my long run, my upper hamstring muscle on my left side felt very tender, which is where an old injury scar is located. I'm having regular massage and ultrasound on this area, and have applied ice to it yesterday and today.

I have done next to nothing so far towards my fund for next year, although I must start adding some items to ebay. I think that I'm going to run for the Arthritis Research Campaign. They have kindly sent me a running top already, which I'm going to use in the Great North Run and Great South Run (although I won't be collecting sponsorship for these events), and I trained in it on Saturday. Lizzie is running the Great South Mini Run and is collecting sponsorship towards the ARC.

Basically then, going well really. I'm happy!

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