Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Friday 21st April 2006


I went and registered on Wednesday evening, which was a fairly easy thing to do - no queues at that time, just a quick visit to ExCeL in London, a meal by Victoria Station and out again.

I went for my last long run last Sunday - 9.25 miles. I was wondering whether to do this run or not, because of an increasing problem at the back of my right knee. I'm still not sure what it is, but it feels stiff in the mornings and slightly hurts if I put strain on it. At the end of the ten mile run I could feel it a bit, and I've been feeling a little discomfort from this area all week. I went down the running track last night to do a few laps, and I could feel it. This is my main cause for concern at the moment, but it might just be last minute nerves and not much to worry about. I'll just have to rest up for the big day and keep my fingers crossed.

In my previous message I mentioned a cold - this has not appeared, so am very pleased to have escaped a last minute cold (so far!).

I'm on the blue start in zone 3, so I should be among runners of a good standard. I might even go back zone 4 or more if I feel bad on the day, but I'll just wait and see. The most important thing is to not go off too quickly.

I'm currently feeling tired, stiff in the hamstrings and twitchy in the calfs, but I expect that I'm worrying about nothing!

Fingers X'd for the big day!

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