Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Monday 23rd February 2009

Going well so far

I managed to run the Brighton 10K in 41 minutes in November, which I was pleased with. Hopefully I've got fitter and faster since then.

The Wokingham Half Marathon was snowed off, so I ran the Tunbridge Wells half instead, and finished in a time of 1:35:06. I was hoping to get under 1:30 at Wokingham, and this time at Tunbridge Wells illustrates that I couldn't have got under 1:30 at Wokingham, but the Tunbridge Wells course is definately harder than Wokingham by a few minutes I'd guess.

This year I'm trying a new tack, have had years of under acheivement at the marathon distance. I'm trying to keep the milage down in comparison to other years, but I'm trying to put in quality runs. I do a hard training run around the track on Tuesday, a longer but not so fast run on a Wednesday or Thursday, and a long run on the road with my running club on a Sunday. I have not trained with people on the roads for the long runs before too, so hopefully that will make a difference. Previously I've either trained on roads by myself, or I've trained with people but across countryside.

Sarah has a place in the Great North and South Runs again this year, although her place in the Great North Run is a charity place in aid of the Arthritis Research Campaign. I have places in both too, so after the London Marathon we'll get into training for these.

I'm now up to 15 miles on the long runs, and touch wood I'm feeling rather good, with no niggles to speak of at the moment. In the past I've often been nursing a problem at this stage.

I'm running with a running club marathon place, so the pressure is off in terms of collecting for the charity, but I'll obviously keenly collect what I can.

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