Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Tuesday 23rd April 2002

Starting again

I expect to have collected about 2,700 from my London Marathon 2002 campaign. I am very pleased with this figure. Over half of this sum has been raised through me giving people my time to fix their computer problems, and selling old computer parts on the internet.

I have been to see my physiotherapist after the problems I face in the marathon last week, and she has told me to continue to stretch my hip muscles, even though they feel sore. She has told me that I can continue to run short distances, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to run anything approaching ten miles for another three months. I was planning to run the Great West Run in two weeks time, but now I can't, which is a shame, because I planned to run it last year and couldn't because of injury due to the marathon.

My main task at the moment is to collect up all of the sponsorship money, and then to send it to the NSF. I want to get back into training as soon as possible, and I expect that my first run after the marathon will be this Thursday - I certainly don't want to stop running and loose all of my fitness. I would go out today, but alas I'm suffering from a cold. It'll be interesting to see whether I can complete a full track session on Thursday.

I have changed my charity for this next year to the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre. I think that this will prove to be a sensible move. I was introduced to this charity by finding their stand at the London Marathon registration event at The London Arena last year, and I saw them there this year too. On the face of it they appear to be a very worth while cause.

My next long run will be the Dorking 10, which is a ten mile race in June. Until then I'll concentrate on shorter distances - speed work around the Reigate Priory AC running track and Reigate's Priory Park.

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