Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Monday 24th July 2006

A final message

I managed to collect 1,000 towards the Arthritis Research Campaign this year, which I am very pleased with bearing in mind that I did not collect much money from my workplace this year, due to others running the marathon.

I ran the closing miles of the marathon with a left knee pain, and although I managed to finish the marathon, in the weeks following the event it became clear that all was not well. I elected to have a month or two off from running, apart from the occasional run. The pain appeared to be on the left hand side of my left knee cap, and only came on after exercise, and went within a day or so.

After giving my body plenty of rest, I now feel injury free, but very unfit, and am hoping to build fitness this year. I'm also half a stone overweight (10 st 6 lb), and want to take this off in the next month.

Signing off for 2006 - thanks for everyone who has sponsored me towards the London Marathon 2006.

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