Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Thursday 26th February 2004

Feeling very ropey

I have now decided that I will be supporting the local Rethink drop-in centre "The Blackborough Club" on Holmesdale Road in Reigate as well as the MS Trust. I have been obtaining more sponsorship on-line than other years - for those who have given thank you VERY much. Brill. I REALLY appreciate it.

In early February I had yet another cold, which held my running back for a couple of weeks, which was rather frustrating. I also went out for a run of 11 or 12 miles, which I was very pleased with, even though it was slow.

I know that I have neglected my daily stretching, basically because of ill health, fatigue and being very busy, mainly with child care. Well, the chickens came home to roost last week. I had a sports massage last Thursday, and I could tell that my muscles were tight. Having not had a lengthy run for a couple of weeks, I was determined to go out for a long run last Sunday, and set off on my usual "Gatton Point - Redhill - Earlswood - Woodhatch - Reigate ringroad - home" run. After eight miles, I suffered from a tightening in my left hip, and although I stopped within half a mile, I fear that I might have damaged the piriformis muscle on my left hand side.

I have been icing and stretching my legs all week, and I went out tonight for a small run, and finished 3 miles strongly, so I am hopeful that any damage sustained may not write off my marathon for this year. I'm planning to go on a lengthy run either tomorrow or Sunday to assess damage.

I'm still suffering from other niggles. My right achilles tendon is a little worse, and burns during and after training, as well as when I'm driving or even just walking. I've had discomfort from my knees this week, as well as my old neck problem which has not gone away.

I'm also feeling rather fatigued at the moment from day to day, and I still feel rather nasily too as though my cold could come back at any time. I don't like the cold spell we are suffering from at the moment - it might be -3 celcius here tonight. I'm really looking forward to warmer weather.

With time running out before the big day in April, I'm now hoping to extend my long runs, but of course this all depends on injuries and health. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. My only event before the marathon will be the Gatwick Half, which I hope I'll be fit for.

Many thanks for reading this. I'll post another report in about a month, so look in again soon if you're interested.

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