Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Sunday 30th March 2003

Long runs finished

I completed the Gatwick Half last Sunday in 1 hour 52 minutes, which was about what I expected. I felt tightness in my hip from 9 miles onwards, and it is quite a hilly course, which probably caused this. I was probably going too fast really, but I ran a good last mile to finish strongly, and was pleased to run it so well.

Last Thursday I ran a fast 5 or six miles, which went well too.

I set off today to run my last long run before the marathon. I intended to run 14 miles, and then extend the run up to 16 or 18 miles at the end depending on how I felt. I ran down to Horley and back, went around the Reigate ring road, and finished with a lap of a short circuit.

I felt a tightness from 11 miles, which felt more like my left hamstring rather than my piriformis. I managed to run 16 miles, but in the last four miles I had to stop and stretch about four times. I have realised though that I can easily run 1 minute per mile slower and still finish in 4 hours, so the plan on the day is to just slow it down and see if I can keep going.

Come the big day I'm hoping to be able to start running in just over 9 minute miles, and just keep going. I'll hopefully see my physiotherapist at 15 miles and 20 miles, so if I need help, it'll be there.

I'll be going the The London Marathon Exhibition on Wednesday 9th April to register for the marathon and pick up my number and shoe tag, so I'm not on my feet too much on the previous day to the marathon. (You can register from Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th at the London Arena.)

I am definately running for "The Blackborough Club", the local Reigate office of Rethink, as well as collecting for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre. I will have a final push for sponsorship in these last two weeks.

I'll probably run 5 miles this Thursday, 10 miles next Sunday, and then a short run a week on Thursday - that'll be it!

A big thank you for reading this far and considering to sponsor me.

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