Paul Walters runs the London Marathon

Report from Saturday 31st July 2004

Final report

I've managed to train through the marathon this year, coming out the other side unscathed, and am currently building fitness. I ran the Gatton 10K last Wednesday in my fastest time ever (by seconds), so my preparations are going very well so far. The important thing to do is to keep away from injury. Next April I'm hoping to have yet another PB at the distance.

I delivered 750 to the Blackborough Club in Reigate towards the stair lift which they wish to purchase. The collection for the MS Trust has taken longer to finalise, but this also amounts to 750 which I have sent off in the post today, so my final total for this year is 1500, and the MS Trust will additionally gain from the gift aid from most of their donations.

I have filled out and posted my entry form for the London Marathon 2005 today. I've written a line under my previous marathon, and looking ahead and forward to next April!

I hope that I have managed to thank all of my sponsors in person, but if you have sponsored me, let me extend my thanks and gratitude to you. You really do make it all worth while. I am expecting to at some point also place letters of thanks from the charities on the website.

Best wishes,


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